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Sylwebaeth 3 Rhagfyr 2020
Gofalu am y Sector Gofal: Sut Gallwn Ni Gefnogi Modelau Newydd ar gyfer Cartrefi Gofal
Mae angen help ar ofal cymdeithasol. Dim ond am hyn a hyn o amser y gallwn ddweud bod gwasanaeth mewn “argyfwng” cyn bod hynny’n...
Erthyglau Newyddion 3 Rhagfyr 2020
WCPP joins £2m International Public Policy Observatory
The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) is part of a major new initiative that will bring together researchers and policy makers to tackle the...
Connecting Communities: Building Relationships
The Wales Centre for Public Policy is partnering with Cardiff Council and Social Care Wales on a four-month National Institute for Health Research funded project...
Cyhoeddiadau 3 Rhagfyr 2020
Modelau amgen o ofal cartref
Mae darparwyr a marchnadoedd gofal cartref yn wynebu nifer o heriau o ganlyniad i newidiadau i ddemograffeg y boblogaeth a phwysau ariannol, sy’n creu...
The implications of the European transition for key economic sectors
The European Union is the most economically valuable international trading partner for Wales and the UK, accounting for 43% and 52% of total UK exports and imports...
Brexit and the NHS workforce
As part of the EU Transition Support Fund Grant received from the Welsh Government, the Welsh NHS Confederation commissioned the Wales Centre for Public Policy...
Post-Brexit migration and Wales
The UK Government plans to end free movement of people to the UK from EU countries and the proposed Immigration Bill will have significant implications...
Poverty review
The Welsh Government has consistently held addressing poverty as a primary policy objective and has initiated a variety of related schemes since devolution. These have...