Economy, Decarbonisation and Skills

The successful decarbonisation of the Welsh economy will require fundamental shifts in how our economic system operates. How can we move to a more resilient, prosperous and inclusive future Welsh economy?

The transition to net zero presents an opportunity to shift to an economy that is better able to respond to future needs and supports a more equal and prosperous society. The adjustment also presents challenges that will need to be overcome including developing the skills for a green labour market. In response to these opportunities and challenges, WCPP’s Economy, Decarbonisation and Skills programme explores key questions including what a future green economy and society might look like, what it might mean for policy and practice in Wales and what investments in skills and other supporting institutions will be needed.




We have a wealth of content covering all aspects of the economy, decarbonisation and skills in Wales.


Meet the Economy, Decarbonisation and Skills team
Dr Helen Tilley
Senior Research Fellow
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Dr Jack Price
Research Officer
Image of Dr Jack Price
Leah Silva
Research Associate
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Dr Anna Skeels
Senior Research Fellow
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