Loneliness and Connected Communities

Social isolation has been a growing problem in Wales. Connected communities have positive benefits for individuals and the whole of society. What policy interventions can bring us together?

The social wellbeing of the people and communities of Wales is a priority for Welsh Government and public services across Wales. The Covid-19 pandemic presented significant challenges for social inclusion, exacerbating inequalities in poor mental health, loneliness, and unwanted social isolation. However, it also showed the agility and innovation of communities to tackle social exclusion and improve wellbeing. The challenge for governments and public services at all levels going forward is how community activity can be sustained and enhanced for the benefit of all. The Loneliness and Connected Communities programme seeks to provide evidence on social disparities and inequalities in the experience of loneliness, as well as what works to improve social wellbeing through collaborative community action and the mobilisation of physical and digital infrastructure and resources.




We have a wealth of content covering all aspects of loneliness and connected communities in Wales.



Meet the Loneliness and Connected Communities team
Dr Hannah Durrant
Senior Research Fellow
Image of Dr Hannah Durrant
Rosie Havers
Research Assistant
Image of Rosie Havers
Josh Coles-Riley
Research Associate
Image of Josh Coles-Riley
Dan Bristow
Director of Policy and Practice
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Dr Anna Skeels
Senior Research Fellow
Image of Dr Anna Skeels