A local authority-led transition to net zero

Project status Active

The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) is coordinating a climate change transition and recovery support programme to meet the overall target for the public sector to reach net zero by 2030 and the interim targets outlined in the Net Zero Wales Carbon Budget 2 (2021-25). Local government has a crucial role to play in leading efforts on the net zero transition at local and regional levels, in areas such as procurement, energy, land use, planning, transport and waste management. However, constraints on public funding and the need to harness expertise in delivering initiatives designed to reduce emissions in these areas mean that engagement with the private sector is essential.

The WLGA asked WCPP to examine and highlight case studies of good practice in local government engagement with the private sector from other countries and regions. WCPP will bring together existing resources, summarising the key barriers to and facilitators of good practice. There is a particular focus on the prioritisation of climate change interventions and exploring the potential for private sector financing of net zero initiatives.