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past event
Policy interventions to support participation in post-compulsory education
5 May 2022
Join us for our first in-person event at our brand new home in sbarc|spark on 5th May.   The event will bring together and...
past event
Tackling loneliness in Wales through the pandemic and beyond
14 July 2021
The Wales Centre for Public Policy is convening a digital engagement programme to bring together key stakeholders working across the loneliness policy and public service...
past event
Education Attainment: Responding to Coronavirus Workshops
22 June 2021
Who this event is for This event is for educators, particularly teachers and headteachers from schools and colleges. Dates available 22nd June 2021: 9.30am - 12.30pm 6...
past event
A Conversation on Wales’ Future
18 September 2020
Wales faces a number of economic, political and societal challenges. From COVID-19, Brexit, the further devolution of powers, the growing conversation around independence, to sustainable...
past event
The End of Austerity and Beginning of Brexit
5 February 2020
The End of Austerity and Beginning of Brexit: What are the implications for Wales?
past event
What Works in Ageing Better?
24 February 2020
There are over 650,000 over-65s in Wales, representing 21% of the Welsh population. Making Wales a good place to grow old is a priority for government,...
past event
Wales’s Future
Call for papers and posters
past event
Developing a Strategic Approach to Procurement
21 November 2019
Welsh public procurement policy has come under significant critical scrutiny over the last year, with the Wales Audit Office highlighting strategic and practical shortcomings and...