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Commentary 13 June 2024
Why Wales needs a new approach to tackling loneliness
Our Loneliness Inequalities Evidence Review argues that limited public resources could be better spent if loneliness is understood and addressed through the lens of inequalities.
Commentary 10 June 2024
The Cardiff Capital Region, Cars and Transit Oriented Development
A car based eco-system now means that many new houses are located in places that require you to get in your car every time you...
Commentary 3 June 2024
Hidden poverty in Welsh communities
Poverty is sometimes depicted as a primarily urban phenomenon but there is financial hardship in all regions and geographies in Wales. One in five (21%) of...
Commentary 31 May 2024
Navigating farming futures
How can farmers go ‘Green’ if they are in the ‘Red'?
Commentary 30 May 2024
Less resilient communities around Wales face extra challenges
New research identifies additional challenges faced by communities at the margins.
Commentary 28 May 2024
Recognising and addressing rural poverty in Wales
There is growing evidence that poverty is a persistent and increasing problem for many people living in rural Wales.
Commentary 24 May 2024
What has devolution delivered for Wales?
The day after marking its 25th birthday, the Welsh Senedd voted to increase its size by more than 50%.  In 2026 the Welsh public will therefore elect 96...
Commentary 16 May 2024
All voices must be heard in the struggle against poverty
Hear from Swansea Poverty Truth Commissioners Melvyn Williams and Karen Berrell who participated in our poverty stigma workshop.