Promoting Equality

How can we build a more equal Wales?

Our work shines a spotlight on the structural inequalities we need to overcome, drawing on a range of expertise and evidence to determine what needs to be done and how to do it.

The pandemic has further highlighted a landscape of inequality in Wales, with certain people – and areas -disproportionately, and often multiply, disadvantaged. Whilst important efforts are underway to address such inequality, this presents a challenge to policy and practice when longstanding structural and systemic factors are at work.  WCPP’s Promoting Equalities programme engages with the different dimensions of inequality through research and evidence – for example, our forthcoming Poverty Review and our published work on race equality – to consider what ‘a more equal Wales’ might actually mean and require.



Our published research on inequality provides vital information for policymakers and researchers.
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Publications 11 December 2023
WCPP at 10
A look back at some of our achievements over the first decade of WCPP and ahead at our priorities
Publications 9 August 2023
Loneliness Inequalities Evidence Review
Research evidence shows overwhelmingly that loneliness affects some groups in society more than others and is particularly acute for those who face multiple forms of...
Publications 19 June 2023
Basic Income Conference Highlights Pack
All the details of a WCPP conference on the Basic Income for Care Leavers in Wales Pilot Welsh, and its evaluation, attended by leading academics...
Publications 23 February 2023
What can Public Service Boards do about poverty?
Public Services Boards (PSBs) are required by the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 to produce local well-being plans every five years, on the basis...



Our portfolio of projects creates knowledge and evidence around all aspects of equality in Wales.
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Increasing access to early childhood education and care (ECEC) among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children and families in Wales  
The Welsh Government’s Anti-racist Wales Action Plan (ARWAP) identifies the importance of early childhood play, learning and care to child development, lifelong learning and...
Guidance for schools to support trans young people
The Welsh Government published an LGBTQ+ Action Plan in February 2023, providing a framework for policy development across the Welsh Government and partners to support LGBTQ+...
Diversity in Recruitment
The Welsh Government has asked the Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) to support its work on increasing the proportion of Black, Asian and Minority...
Poverty Stigma
We are supporting public services and policy makers in Wales to understand poverty stigma, how it affects their communities and ways to reduce it.


We have a wealth of content covering all aspects of equality in Wales.



Meet the Promoting Equalities team
Professor Dan Bristow
Director of Policy and Practice
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Amanda Hill-Dixon
Senior Research Fellow
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Greg Notman
Research Officer
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