Health and Social Care

What policy options does Wales have to build a better health and social care system in an ever changing political landscape?

The health and social care system in Wales faces a complex and multifaceted set of challenges, which were exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. As the immediate pressures subside, the health and social care system will be faced with a variety of systemic and workforce related challenges, in the context of challenging population health needs. Many of these are decade-old issues. The WCPP is working with the sector to explore how, in this context, the sector can deliver on the ambitions for a ‘transformation’ in the provision of health and care.



Our published research on health and social care provides vital information for policymakers and researchers.
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Publications 22 September 2023
Blending online and face-to-face provision in community wellbeing services
Research carried out by WCPP in conjunction with Frame CIC, has furthered our understanding of ‘blended’ delivery of wellbeing services across Wales.
Publications 19 June 2023
Basic Income Conference Highlights Pack
All the details of a WCPP conference on the Basic Income for Care Leavers in Wales Pilot Welsh, and its evaluation, attended by leading academics...
Publications 12 June 2023
Older adults and the pandemic: tackling loneliness through technology
Loneliness and social isolation have significant impacts on older people’s health and wellbeing. This has been a priority issue for the Welsh Government since...
Publications 23 February 2023
2022 – In Review
Welcome to our review of some of the highlights of the Wales Centre for Public Policy’s work in 2022. We have enjoyed another prolific twelve...



Our portfolio of projects creates knowledge and evidence around all aspects of health and social care in Wales.
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Brexit and the NHS workforce
As part of the EU Transition Support Fund Grant received from the Welsh Government, the Welsh NHS Confederation commissioned the Wales Centre for Public Policy...
Alternative models of domiciliary care
Domiciliary care or ‘homecare’ is social care provided in people’s homes and includes a range of support such as help with daily tasks, personal...
Public Engagement on Health and Social Care Transformation
What role does public engagement play in achieving the Welsh Government A Healthier Wales plan? 
Supporting improvement in health boards
Trying to prevent or turnaround underperformance in health organisations is a challenging task, and much of the academic literature is focused on general and abstract...


We have a wealth of content covering all aspects of health and social care in Wales.



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