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Commentary 17 April 2024
How to improve regional productivity levers in England and Wales
How to improve regional productivity levers in England and Wales As winners of the 2024 Award for the Best Paper published in Regional Studies Policy Debates,...
Publications 10 April 2024
How could Wales heat and build low-carbon homes by 2035?
Achieving net zero in Wales requires drastic reductions in emissions from new and existing buildings. Decarbonisation of domestic heating has a critical role to play...
Publications 28 March 2024
What could education, jobs and work look like across Wales by 2035?
Education and work form the backbone of people’s lives, as well as being of crucial importance to the economic and social development of Wales....
Publications 28 March 2024
Decarbonising Wales’ transport system while connecting people and places
Transport is the third highest greenhouse gas emitting sector in Wales. Decarbonising the transport sector while ensuring that the people and places of Wales are...
WCPP and WLGA join forces to support public sector net zero efforts
The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) is coordinating a climate change transition and recovery support programme to meet the overall target for the public sector...
Publications 5 December 2023
How could Wales meet energy needs by 2035 while phasing out fossil fuels?
Our outputs show that, while reaching the 2035 target is achievable, it will require fast and sustained action to increase electricity generation.
Commentary 16 October 2023
How can Wales feed itself in the biodiverse, carbon-neutral world of the future?
Read WWF Cymru's response to our recent report: How could Wales feed itself by 2035?
Commentary 25 July 2023
The benefits of Welsh diet change for our health, climate and pockets
Reducing emissions from agriculture remains one of the biggest barriers on Wales’ pathway to net zero. Progress has been limited in recent years and while ‘...