Governance and Implementation

How do we make government work for everyone? Wales can serve as a laboratory for exploring what policy solutions work, how we can gather evidence about policy change and how we can scale it.

A critical question in public policy is how governments bring about change in society. Policymakers around the world wrestle with this question, and how governments work with and mobilise other actors to be able to effect change. The limited range of formal powers available to national policymakers in Wales means that this challenge is both more complex and acute. The WCPP’s work in this area looks at the role of evidence in effective policy making, and how to develop policies that can be delivered.




We have a wealth of content covering all aspects of governance and implementation in Wales.



Meet the Governance and Implementation team.
Dr Emma Taylor-Collins
Senior Research Officer
Image of Dr Emma Taylor-Collins
Dan Bristow
Director of Policy and Practice
Image of Dan Bristow
Dr Eleanor MacKillop
Research Associate
Image of Dr Eleanor MacKillop
Dr Amy Lloyd
Research Associate
Image of Dr Amy Lloyd
Rosie Havers
Research Assistant
Image of Rosie Havers
Dr Hannah Durrant
Senior Research Fellow
Image of Dr Hannah Durrant
Dr Helen Tilley
Senior Research Fellow
Image of Dr Helen Tilley
Dr Jack Price
Research Officer
Image of Dr Jack Price
Isabelle Carter
Research Assistant
Image of Isabelle Carter
Greg Notman
Research Apprentice
Image of Greg Notman