Using Evidence

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News Articles 27 September 2018
WCPP health expert discusses West Wales health changes
Dr Paul Worthington appeared on BBC Wales Live
Publications 10 September 2018
Increasing household waste recycling with behavioural science
Insights from a WCPP-run workshop on the topic
Commentary 23 August 2018
Working in partnership
Megan Mathias discusses how the Centre draws in expertise to work on Wales’ public policy challenges
Behavioural change and household recycling
Welsh local authorities, enabled by the Welsh Government, have achieved the highest household recycling rates in the UK. There is however more that can be...
Strategies and technologies in improving air quality
The project is a rapid review of measures in place worldwide to improve air quality. It indicates the evidence behind different strategies and technologies for...
What works in supplementing the teaching of second languages
The aim of this project is to explore the available evidence on what works – and what may not – to supplement the class-based teaching of second...
Maximising the civic contribution of universities and wider tertiary education
In this project, we are exploring potential policy options to encourage Welsh universities and the wider tertiary education sector to prioritise and increase their civic...
Responding to citizens in debt to public services
This project aims to find out how public services and their contracted partners in Wales might better respond to vulnerable debtors, especially those subject to...