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Better Services for Children and Young People Looked After
There is significant concern about the state of care provision for children and young people looked after in Wales. The steady overall increase in the...
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Wales’s Future
13 May 2020
Call for papers and posters
Publications 14 January 2020
Administering Social Security in Wales
In Wales social security is currently reserved to the UK Government, with the exception of some benefits. Since the devolution of social security in Scotland (2018)...
Press Releases 14 January 2020
Devolving social security to Wales could be beneficial but would bring significant challenges
Devolving the administration of social security to Wales could bring fiscal benefits and improve outcomes for claimants, but it would be a complex and time-consuming...
How to encourage driver adherence to 20mph consistent with road safety
Welsh Government believes that 20 mph should be the default speed limit for all residential areas in Wales. Higher speed limits will only be allowed by...
Commentary 17 December 2019
2019 – In Review
As another tumultuous year draws to a close, we’ve been reflecting on some of the key achievements of the Wales Centre for Public Policy...
Commentary 16 December 2019
Why a ‘Just Transition’? Decarbonisation and economic justice
Commitments to a net-zero carbon society raise questions as to who may bear the costs of this, and who might gain. In this blog we...
Commentary 5 December 2019
5 things we learned about procurement
The Wales Centre for Public Policy has been exploring the case for a more strategic approach to public procurement for nearly two years. In July 2018...