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Commentary 15 January 2021
Post-Brexit Migration and Wales: Potential impacts of the new system and recommendations on the priorities for influencing UK immigration policy.
Following the end of free movement on 31st December 2020, thinking turns not only to the impacts of the new immigration system, but also to how...
Publications 17 December 2020
The implications of the European transition for key Welsh economic sectors
Following its exit from the EU, the UK Government has started to negotiate free trade agreements with the EU and with other countries around the...
Press Releases 17 December 2020
End of Brexit transition period marks “period of significant disruption” for Welsh economy
Media Outputs: Our report was picked up by various media outlets, including The Western Mail, Business Live, and BBC Wales News (video below) [embed]https://...
Commentary 15 December 2020
Using fishing opportunities to support mental health and wellbeing in the Welsh fishing industry
As the UK leaves the European Union, much has been made of the post-Brexit opportunities for new governing legislation. In few industries is this more...
Disabled Facilities Grants: Changing the means test
The Minister for Housing and Local Government asked the Wales Centre for Public Policy to explore the implications of removing the means test for small...
Children looked after: How practice drives variation in rates across Wales
The substantial and sustained increase in the rate of children in care in Wales has been a source of policy concern for some time: it...
Education attainment: Responding to the Coronavirus pandemic
The Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated existing educational inequalities worldwide. Modelling of the impact of school closures in England suggests that ten years’ worth of efforts...
Publications 14 December 2020
Designing technology-enabled services to tackle loneliness
Tackling loneliness was a priority for Welsh Government and public services across Wales before the Coronavirus pandemic and has become a greater concern since. The...