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Commentary 24 May 2024
What has devolution delivered for Wales?
The day after marking its 25th birthday, the Welsh Senedd voted to increase its size by more than 50%.  In 2026 the Welsh public will therefore elect 96...
Commentary 17 April 2024
How to improve regional productivity levers in England and Wales
How to improve regional productivity levers in England and Wales As winners of the 2024 Award for the Best Paper published in Regional Studies Policy Debates,...
Commentary 1 March 2024
Exploring and enhancing the role of lived experience
The Wales Centre for Public Policy is delighted to be hosting an 18-month UKRI Fellowship to explore and enhance the role of lived experience expertise   
Commentary 17 November 2022
The state of democracy in Wales: What is it and how can we measure it?
Concerns over democratic health are a global phenomenon, often triggered by crises or events that result in public pressure for reform. Iceland’s near-economic destruction...
Commentary 1 November 2022
Understanding organisations that provide evidence for policy
This blog post is based on the Evidence & Policy article, ‘Knowledge brokering organisations: a new way of governing evidence’. New organisations have emerged in...
Commentary 25 October 2022
National Milestones – Using evidence and expertise to tell a ‘status story’
The ‘second wave’ of Welsh Government consultation on its National Milestones ended last month.  The Milestones relate to a set of National Indicators, articulated under...
Commentary 6 October 2022
Taking stock of our Research Apprentice scheme
The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) introduced the Research Apprenticeship scheme in 2017. The scheme aims to build the capacity of early-career researchers to engage...
Commentary 23 September 2022
Has devolution delivered?
The last 25 years have seen a significant and sustained increase in public support for devolution in Wales. The 1997 referendum produced only a wafer thin majority...