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Commentary 10 June 2024
The Cardiff Capital Region, Cars and Transit Oriented Development
A car based eco-system now means that many new houses are located in places that require you to get in your car every time you...
Commentary 3 June 2024
Hidden poverty in Welsh communities
Poverty is sometimes depicted as a primarily urban phenomenon but there is financial hardship in all regions and geographies in Wales. One in five (21%) of...
Commentary 31 May 2024
Navigating farming futures
How can farmers go ‘Green’ if they are in the ‘Red'?
Commentary 13 May 2024
Towards a green economy: building on Wales’ legislative foundation
There is much talk about the scale and pace of change that is needed to move towards net zero in Wales. The changes are equally...
Commentary 17 April 2024
How to improve regional productivity levers in England and Wales
How to improve regional productivity levers in England and Wales As winners of the 2024 Award for the Best Paper published in Regional Studies Policy Debates,...
Commentary 16 October 2023
How can Wales feed itself in the biodiverse, carbon-neutral world of the future?
Read WWF Cymru's response to our recent report: How could Wales feed itself by 2035?
Commentary 25 July 2023
The benefits of Welsh diet change for our health, climate and pockets
Reducing emissions from agriculture remains one of the biggest barriers on Wales’ pathway to net zero. Progress has been limited in recent years and while ‘...
Commentary 28 June 2023
Using evidence to accelerate action on climate change
What scope is there for Welsh Government to do more, to change its approach, or to deliver its existing net zero ambitions more effectively?