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Commentary 16 October 2023
How can Wales feed itself in the biodiverse, carbon-neutral world of the future?
Read WWF Cymru's response to our recent report: How could Wales feed itself by 2035?
Commentary 25 July 2023
The benefits of Welsh diet change for our health, climate and pockets
Reducing emissions from agriculture remains one of the biggest barriers on Wales’ pathway to net zero. Progress has been limited in recent years and while ‘...
Commentary 28 June 2023
Using evidence to accelerate action on climate change
What scope is there for Welsh Government to do more, to change its approach, or to deliver its existing net zero ambitions more effectively?
Commentary 23 February 2023
How to improve regional productivity levers in England and Wales
In this blog, Helen Tilley, Jack Newman and Charlotte Hoole discuss their recent paper on whether UK regions have the policy levers they need to...
Commentary 27 September 2022
Running on empty: why we need reform in the cost-of-living crisis
During the initial months of the pandemic, when various protections were in place – such as the £20 per week uplift to Universal Credit – the number of...
Commentary 26 September 2022
What makes for an effective anti-poverty strategy?
The lack of an anti-poverty strategy did not stop the Welsh Government from taking action during the pandemic to address poverty in Wales. From the...
Commentary 18 August 2022
Finding a path to university as a mature student
It wasn’t until I came to the conclusion that I was miserable in my job that I first heard the monkey on my back...
Commentary 13 June 2022
Expanding post-compulsory education: what we’ve learned
On the 5th of May, we hosted our first in-person event since March 2020, and our first in our new home in sbarc|spark. We were...