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Commentary 11 October 2023
Fair’s fair? Equality, equity and access to tertiary education
As the new Commission for Tertiary Education and Research gears up, Jack Price explores what more can be done to create a fairer system for...
Publications 6 December 2022
International approaches to a Just Transition
The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) was commissioned by the Welsh Government to conduct a review of international approaches to a just transition to...
Commentary 18 August 2022
Finding a path to university as a mature student
It wasn’t until I came to the conclusion that I was miserable in my job that I first heard the monkey on my back...
Commentary 13 June 2022
Expanding post-compulsory education: what we’ve learned
On the 5th of May, we hosted our first in-person event since March 2020, and our first in our new home in sbarc|spark. We were...
past event
Policy interventions to support participation in post-compulsory education
5 May 2022
Join us for our first in-person event at our brand new home in sbarc|spark on 5th May.   The event will bring together and...
Commentary 3 February 2022
Should the age of participation in education or training be raised to 18 in Wales?
Dr Matt Dickson is Reader in Public Policy at the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) at the University of Bath. Sue Maguire is an Honorary...
Publications 10 January 2022
Education recovery: Responding to the Coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus-related school closures have resulted in significant disruption to children and young people’s learning in schools and colleges in Wales, as elsewhere. In the...
Publications 7 January 2022
Raising the age of participation in education to 18
In England, the compulsory age of participation in education or training was raised to 17 in 2013 and then 18 in 2015. In Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the...