Decarbonising the Welsh economy

Location Temple of Peace, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AP
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Date 18 January 2023

How will Wales in 2050 differ from the Wales of today?


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Following the Welsh Government’s pledge to meet net zero emissions by 2050 and the outcome of the COP27 conference in Egypt, it is clear that efforts to decarbonise our economy and society will be ever more important to public policy and debate in the years and decades to come.

While we know where we need to be to avoid the worst effects of climate change, it is still not clear how we will get there, nor what society will look like on the other end. Governments and other policymakers need to be clear about the choices we face, the trade-offs they involve, and what this will mean for people. As importantly, these choices need to be integrated strategically into everyday decision-making.

Our programme will include sessions on:

  • Energy networks: This session will convene contributing authors of the think-piece and outline scenarios to discuss options for Wales’ energy future in a decarbonising economy, particularly post the war in Ukraine.
  • Carbon modelling in housing: This session will outline the key findings of WCPP’s evidence review on the state-of-the-art energy models available in the housing sector, and how policymakers could use and apply models to help plan for net zero.
  • Growth, degrowth and a circular economy: In this session we’ll explore differing positions on whether growth can or should be prioritised during the transition to net zero, and where the circular economy fits into this where perhaps there’s a ‘middle ground’ to be sought.
  • Land use: In this session we’ll discuss the ways in which Wales’ land use could change in the future, and the extent to which this will involve full or partial ecosystem restoration (rewilding); afforestation and conservation; and traditional or agroecological forms of agriculture. The importance of rural communities, cultures and the Welsh language will be highlighted.
  • Net zero skills: This session will explore how the skills system can be used to promote and ensure decarbonisation, what skills needs have been identified, how they can be addressed, and how skills policy can promote a just transition to net zero.


Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, will deliver a keynote address.


Why attend in person?

  • Attendees will be at the forefront of debate around what policy options Wales should pursue and how choices made now determine our shared future.
  • Experts will share their views of the pathways and policy options which could lead to net zero and how they will shape and affect other areas of policy.
  • There will also be a chance to participate in discussions which will help attendees integrate long-term, strategic thinking about decarbonisation into everyday decision-making and across other policy areas.
  • Opportunity to network with other experts in this field, and to participate in Q&A sessions with our panels.


Two ticket types are available:

  • In-person attendance
  • Online attendance

Please note that online attendance is view-only. Details will be emailed to attendees ahead of the event.