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Commentary 11 October 2022
Social care workforce crisis in Wales: what is causing it and what is being done to fix it?
The consistent message in recent submissions to the Senedd enquiry on the Health and Social Care workforce strategy was that the social care workforce is...
Commentary 6 October 2022
Taking stock of our Research Apprentice scheme
The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) introduced the Research Apprenticeship scheme in 2017. The scheme aims to build the capacity of early-career researchers to engage...
Commentary 4 October 2022
Evidence and An Anti-Racist Wales
On 7 June, the Welsh Government launched its new Action Plan to forge An Anti-Racist Wales by 2030. The work will involve identifying and eradicating the systems,...
Commentary 30 September 2022
Promoting pathways out of poverty – and preventing the pitfalls of poverty entry
Enabling ‘pathways’ out of poverty must be a fundamental goal of any anti-poverty strategy. But how should such a strategy seek to achieve this? And...
Commentary 29 September 2022
Being poor in Wales – why where you live matters
Several of the challenges faced by people living in poverty or social exclusion in Wales relate to where they live. Local costs of living, affordability...
Commentary 27 September 2022
A matter of costs
For decades, poverty has been measured by a household’s income relative to that of others. Although adjustments are made for housing costs and household...
Commentary 27 September 2022
Running on empty: why we need reform in the cost-of-living crisis
During the initial months of the pandemic, when various protections were in place – such as the £20 per week uplift to Universal Credit – the number of...
Commentary 26 September 2022
What makes for an effective anti-poverty strategy?
The lack of an anti-poverty strategy did not stop the Welsh Government from taking action during the pandemic to address poverty in Wales. From the...