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Commentary 19 July 2023
A Revolution by Stealth? Basic Income Experiments Proliferate
In this guest blog on basic income, Professor Guy Standing looks at the growing number of basic income trials around the world, and the evidence...
Commentary 17 July 2023
Basic income: What is it and what it isn’t
In this guest blog, Dr Francine Mestrum looks at three different forms of basic income - a universal basic income, a basic income for those...
Commentary 28 June 2023
Using evidence to accelerate action on climate change
What scope is there for Welsh Government to do more, to change its approach, or to deliver its existing net zero ambitions more effectively?
Commentary 19 June 2023
Not everybody wants a goat!
Five takeaways from our conference on Wales' basic income pilot
Commentary 16 June 2023
It’s time to talk about loneliness inequalities
In this blog, Josh Coles-Riley explains why the Wales Centre for Public Policy has commissioned a major new review of research on loneliness inequalities – and...
Commentary 12 June 2023
Working together to tackle loneliness and isolation
In February 2020, the Welsh Government published its first ever strategy to tackle loneliness and social isolation - “Connected Communities”. We have probably all experienced these...
Commentary 15 December 2022
What works to tackle poverty? Experimenting with a Basic Income in Wales
The current ‘cost of living crisis’ has highlighted the urgency of identifying and developing effective approaches to tackling poverty, an objective which underpinned the poverty...
Commentary 2 December 2022
Tackling poverty and mental health together: a multi-agency approach
The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) has recommended four areas of focus for Welsh Government action on poverty and social exclusion. One of these...