Supporting community action – enhancing community wellbeing: A synthesis of lessons learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic

Project status Active

The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) and the Resourceful Communities Partnership (RCP) are working together to design and carry out a review of lessons learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic on the role of relationships and collaboration in supporting community action to improve wellbeing for people and communities.

Research objectives

Working collaboratively with RCP and a wider working group, WCPP will:

  • Find, review and summarise evidence about community action during the Covid-19 pandemic, drawing from existing published research and other sources of evidence (e.g., case studies from practice);
  • Focus on identifying key lessons about the role and nature of relationships and collaboration between government, public services, third sector organisations, community groups and funders (e.g., what makes these effective, how can relationships and collaboration be improved); and
  • Develop action-oriented, evidence-based outputs (e.g., toolkits and other practice resources) and recommendations that are sensitive to the differences across communities in Wales, and to the need for action at strategic or systemic levels too.

Main outputs

Phase 1: Research plan coproduced with RCP members.

Phase 2: Library of key sources of evidence (publications) on what works to support and enhance community action to improve wellbeing.

Phase 3: Evidence synthesis: summary of key lessons about relationships and collaboration from this evidence, presented in an accessible and usable format (to be determined by the working group and RCP members).

Phase 4: Workshop: to explore how findings might be applied in practice and to develop action plans for taking the learning forward. Recommendations and action-oriented resource (to be determined through workshops and with the working group and RCP members).

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