Increasing the impact of the What Works network across the UK

This report summarises the learning from an ESRC Strategic Fund project led by the Wales Centre for Public Policy in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast, What Works Scotland, and the Alliance for Useful Evidence.

Through a series of summits with policy makers and practitioners featuring evidence from the What Works network, this project aimed to:

  • Foster greater collaboration among What Works Centres.
  • Increase awareness of the What Works network in devolved nations.

Five summits were held in 2018-19 in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on youth homelessness, early years, youth mental health, children and young people’s outcomes, and local economic performance. A final roundtable was held with the Directors of What Works Centres, Executive Chair of the ESRC, ESRC Director of Research, National What Works Adviser and other key stakeholders to discuss the findings and ways to build on them.