Improving race equality in Wales

The Welsh Government has made a commitment to publish a Race Equality Action Plan designed to tackle structural racial and ethnic inequalities in Wales. The Deputy Minister and Chief Whip asked the Wales Centre for Public Policy to undertake evidence reviews to inform the development of the Action Plan across six key policy areas, chosen as they were believed to have the largest impact on racial inequality: leadership and representation, health and social care, employment and income, education, housing and accommodation, and crime and justice. These reviews focus on evidence related to race equality and key recommendations for inclusion in the Race Equality Action Plan across each of the six key policy areas.



In addition to the key actions and recommendations identified in the six policy-specific reports, our research highlighted a number of key areas for action across policy areas. These actions are often system-wide, and cover four key areas, namely data collection, reporting and disaggregation; leadership and representation; changing organisational cultures; and engagement and outreach. These cross-cutting findings and recommendations will be important in designing and implementing the Race Equality Action Plan, and success in addressing the overarching themes we have identified will also contribute to success in implementing policy area-specific recommendations. These cross-cutting findings and recommendations are outlined in our summary report, which also recommends principles that can help ensure effective implementation of the actions contained in the Race Equality Action Plan.




Episode 8 – Improving Race Equality in Wales 

In this remotely recorded edition of PEP Talk Manon Roberts talks to Professor Charlotte Williams and Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna about the nature and scale of racial inequality in Wales, with a focus on education and health and social care, and offer insight into the ways in which the Welsh Government could seek to respond, particularly with their forthcoming Race Equality Action Plan.

You can read our reports:  Improving Race Equality in Wales 


Professor Charlotte Williams OBE – Honorary Professor at Bangor University and Chair of the ‘Communities, contributions and cynefin: BAME experiences and the new curriculum’ working group

Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna – Professor of Management and Organisation at Cardiff Business School and Chair of the First Minister’s BAME COVID-19 Socioeconomic Subgroup.