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WCPP gives future of work evidence at Senedd
Mair Bell gave evidence to the Assembly's Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee
Strengthening the Links Between Academic Research and the National Assembly for Wales
Exploring some of the main ways that the Welsh Assembly and academic researchers can keep in touch
Our part in the Welsh Government Gender Equality Review
Dr Alison Parken is contributing to a review of international best practice on gender equality
Projects 11 May 2018
What Works or what can work to promote gender equality in Wales?
Supporting Chwarae Teg to review international evidence on best practice
future event 10 May 2018
Networking evening with the Alliance for Useful Evidence
4 June 2018
Bringing together policymakers and academics connected to WCPP, as well as Alliance for Useful Evidence members based in and around Wales, this event aims to...
Projects 26 April 2018
Improving Cross-cutting Government Working
The challenge to improve coordination across policy areas and public service boundaries is common to many governments
Projects 26 April 2018
Improving Impact Assessments
Reviewing existing impact assessment processes and making recommendations on their improvement
past event 29 March 2018
Improving Evidence Use in Government: How Can Academics Get their Research Heard?
27 March 2018
At this year's Political Studies Association’s Annual Conference we asked how academics can best get their research heard by government.