Improving Public Services

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Projects 26 April 2018
Supporting Delivery of an Integrated Early Years System
Reviewing the international evidence on early years systems with the aim of identifying what works and what doesn’t
Projects 26 April 2018
Future of Work in Wales
In his speech to the 2016 Labour Party conference the First Minister of Wales, Rt Hon Carwyn Jones, called for a “deep and thorough investigation into...
Projects 26 April 2018
Improving Health and Employment Outcomes
Reviewing how to integrate health and employment services effectively
Projects 26 April 2018
Inclusive Growth in Wales
We brought together experts to discuss how Wales could pursue a more inclusive model of economic growth
Projects 26 April 2018
Efficiency and the NHS Wales Funding Gap
Looking at the implications of rising costs and reducing budgets on the Welsh NHS
Projects 26 April 2018
Improving Impact Assessments
Reviewing existing impact assessment processes and making recommendations on their improvement
past event 6 April 2018
What makes Policy Commissions Successful?
26 January 2018
Last Autumn, the First Minister announced the appointment of a new Commission on Justice in Wales, tasked to examine how a distinct Welsh justice system...
past event 23 March 2018
What Works to Improve Community Resilience and Wellbeing?
22 February 2018
On the 22nd February we held an event with Public Service Board (PSB) representatives to explore how the Centre can help provide evidence to support...