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Commentary 7 March 2024
Q and A with Kathryn Williams, PhD intern
We caught up with Kathryn Williams who has recently spent three months as a PhD intern with WCPP. Kathryn is an ESRC funded PhD student...
Commentary 8 November 2023
Let’s talk about poverty stigma
Poverty stigma – what is it, where does it come from and why are we working on it?
Poverty Stigma
We are supporting public services and policy makers in Wales to understand poverty stigma, how it affects their communities and ways to reduce it.
The role of multisectoral collaboration in supporting community action
We are working with the Resourceful Communities Partnership (RCP) to review lessons learnt during the pandemic on the role of collaboration in supporting community action...
Publications 22 September 2023
Blending online and face-to-face provision in community wellbeing services
Research carried out by WCPP in conjunction with Frame CIC, has furthered our understanding of ‘blended’ delivery of wellbeing services across Wales.
Publications 9 August 2023
Loneliness Inequalities Evidence Review
Research evidence shows overwhelmingly that loneliness affects some groups in society more than others and is particularly acute for those who face multiple forms of...
Commentary 16 June 2023
It’s time to talk about loneliness inequalities
In this blog, Josh Coles-Riley explains why the Wales Centre for Public Policy has commissioned a major new review of research on loneliness inequalities – and...
Commentary 12 June 2023
Working together to tackle loneliness and isolation
In February 2020, the Welsh Government published its first ever strategy to tackle loneliness and social isolation - “Connected Communities”. We have probably all experienced these...