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Publications 27 June 2016
Food Policy as Public Policy
This report examines whether the Welsh Government’s Food Strategy was sufficiently comprehensive and up to date.
Publications 8 June 2016
Increasing the Role of Social Business Models in the Health and Social Care in Wales
This report by the Public Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW) reviews the evidence on ways of increasing the role which Social Business Models (SBMs) can...
Publications 27 May 2016
De-escalating Interventions for Troubled Adolescents
This report by the Public Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW) provides advice on the potential to de-escalate interventions in the lives of troubled adolescents. To...
Publications 4 April 2016
Increasing the Use of School Facilities
The Public Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW) worked with Professor Alan Dyson and Dr Kirstin Kerr (University of Manchester) to analyse the international evidence about...
Publications 1 April 2016
Improving Impact Assessments
This report examines what Welsh Government could do to improve its Impact Assessment process.
Publications 29 February 2016
Promoting Emotional Health, Well-being and Resilience in Primary Schools
What works in building emotional resilience of children in Welsh primary schools?
Publications 24 February 2016
Childcare Policy Options for Wales
What is the potential impact of extending the Welsh Government’s provision of free childcare for three to four year olds?
Publications 7 February 2016
Increasing Understanding and Uptake of Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment in Wales
What measures can be taken to increase the understanding and uptake of Advance Decisions in Wales?