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Publications 25 October 2018
Preventing Youth Homelessness
In June 2017, the First Minster announced that he would ask the Wales Centre for Public Policy to contribute research on youth homelessness prevention. An international...
Publications 10 September 2018
Increasing household waste recycling with behavioural science
Insights from a WCPP-run workshop on the topic
Publications 19 July 2018
Parental Physical Punishment: Child Outcomes and Attitudes
The former Cabinet Secretary for Children and Communities asked the PPIW to undertake a review of the evidence on children’s attitudes towards physical punishment,...
Publications 10 July 2018
Putting equality at the heart of decision-making
Gender Equality Review (GER) Phase One: International Policy and Practice
Publications 2 July 2018
The Welsh Tax Base: Risks and Opportunities after Fiscal Devolution
Under the new Fiscal Framework and devolution of some tax powers, from April 2019, the Welsh Government and local authorities will control nearly £5 billion of tax...
Publications 22 June 2018
What Works in Tackling Rural Poverty: An Evidence Review of Interventions to Address Fuel Poverty
This report explores interventions to tackle fuel poverty in a range of OECD countries about which some reliable evidence about effectiveness exists. The majority of...
Publications 21 June 2018
Commissions and their role in public policy
Bringing together evidence and expert perspectives on the factors that make policy commissions successful
Publications 11 June 2018
What Works in Tackling Rural Poverty: An Evidence Review of Interventions to Improve Transport in Rural Areas
Rural public transport is considered crucial to the development of rural areas, and plays a central role in key groups accessing services, employment, training, and...