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Publications 26 September 2022
Poverty and social exclusion: A way forward
The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) was commissioned by the Welsh Government to conduct a review of international poverty and social exclusion strategies, programmes...
Publications 21 September 2022
Decarbonisation and the Welsh economy
Fundamental questions need to be asked and choices need to be made about the future of Welsh society and the economy. For instance, should Wales...
Publications 31 August 2022
Developing skills for a just transition
The transition to a low-carbon economy in Wales will affect workers and communities, particularly those with links to carbon-intensive industries. There is evidence that net-zero...
Publications 8 July 2022
What is the role of evidence in shaping suicide prevention policy in Wales?
Suicide is one of the leading causes of death worldwide.¹ Across the globe, 800,000 people die by suicide every year, translating to approximately one suicide death...
Publications 27 May 2022
Infrastructure and longterm wellbeing
This commentary report accompanies a rapid review of evidence about how physical infrastructure influences long-term wellbeing, commissioned by the Welsh Government to help inform its...
Publications 10 April 2022
What Works Network Implementation Project
Building on our work to increase the impact of the What Works network across the UK, the Wales Centre for Public Policy won funding from...
Publications 25 March 2022
Reform of electoral law and practice
Elections were devolved to Wales through the Government of Wales Act 2017. Since then, Welsh Ministers have embarked on a programme of electoral reform most noted...
Publications 11 March 2022
Children’s social services and care rates in Wales: A survey of the sector
Wales has seen a rise in both the number and rate of children looked after. The rate is now higher than any time since the 1980...