The implications of Brexit for household incomes

In 2019, the Counsel General and Minister for European Transition asked the Wales Centre for Public Policy to analyse the implications of Brexit for household incomes and budgets in Wales. This would consider the likely outcome of the Brexit negotiations, identify at-risk groups and look to inform the Welsh Government’s responses to European transition.

An expert roundtable in March 2020 was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and instead a series of online briefings, presentations and discussions took place between the Welsh Government and experts: Professor Jonathan Portes, Professor Gill Bristow and Dr Peter Levell.

This briefing note summarises the experts’ responses to the Welsh Government’s briefings. It is different to many of our publications, in that it provides a series of individual insights in response to the Welsh Government’s analysis and thinking. In doing so, it provides valuable analysis of the likely effects of leaving the European Union on the Welsh economy, household incomes and budgets, and the extent to which Wales – or parts of Wales – are likely to be more or less exposed. Given the overlapping issues, their responses also discuss the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic for these issues.