Tackling Exploitation in Low-waged Work

This report explores how to tackle exploitation in low-waged work. Achieving the well-being goal of decent work in Wales requires a post-Brexit framework of employment law that accords with the international treaties and human rights conventions that establish minimum labour standards globally. In several key areas, including labour standards inspections and trade union freedoms, UK provisions currently fall short.

The report makes four key observations:

  • New research is needed to compare the experiences of migrant and non-migrant workers in Wales. This could tell us more about the employment options and coping strategies of workers.
  • Trade-union access should be widened, alongside various measures to improve minimum labour standards and how they are adjudicated in Wales. Welsh Government could work positively with trade unions to achieve this.
  • There is a need to develop expertise in how UK employment law aligns with international treaties and human rights conventions.
  • There is an opportunity to address exploitation via equality law. The ‘Wales Act 2017’ gives Welsh Government new powers to bring into the force duties set out in the ‘Equality Act 2010’.

(Dr Hayes’ report starts on page 79)