Preventing Youth Homelessness

In June 2017, the First Minster announced that he would ask the Wales Centre for Public Policy to contribute research on youth homelessness prevention. An international evidence review, and a supplementary report mapping interventions in Wales, form this contribution.

In the context of a global shift towards prevention, the international review identifies evidence-based interventions, promising practices, youth-identified prevention priorities, and intersecting policy elements contributing to the prevention of youth homelessness. The evidence review is guided by the following questions:

  • Which factors (or patterns of factors) are known to increase risk of youth
  • Which policies and programmes are effective in preventing youth homelessness?
  • What are the characteristics of effective strategies to prevent youth homelessness?
  • What evidence is still needed to support the prevention of youth homelessness, and how might it be generated?

This report draws upon a careful assessment of this evidence base to develop a set of recommendations to divert young people from experiences of homelessness effectively.