Post-Brexit migration and Wales

This report analyses the potential impacts of post-Brexit migration policies on Wales’ labour market, population and society, and identifies ways in which the Welsh Government might respond to the opportunities and challenges that this presents.

Ending free movement will have a significant impact on population change in Wales, which has been more reliant on non-UK migration to grow its working age population than many parts of England. A reduction in immigration from European Economic Area (EEA) countries could place more pressure on those who are in work to support people of pensionable age.

The Welsh Government could try to address the issues identified in this report by:

  • Seeking agreement for regional and sectoral variations in UK migration policy;
  • Advocating for UK-EU agreements to include mobility frameworks and mutual recognition of professional qualifications; and
  • Exercising devolved powers and policy instruments directly to promote integration, address gender inequalities and safeguard the labour supply in rural communities.