Our Future Wales consultation: Analysis of responses

In May 2020, the Welsh Government invited the public to send their thoughts on the actions needed to support post-COVID-19 recovery and reconstruction. This report focuses on 685 of the 2,021 submissions to the consultation process received by the Welsh Government which we have analysed in detail. It does not include the more than 900 responses which were part of a coordinated campaign and all made essentially the same points, which are already covered in other responses. Nor does it include responses that were very narrowly focussed on easing short-term lockdown measures since these no longer apply and are not relevant to the process of long-term recovery and reconstruction.

The responses are arranged under the six thematic areas which emerged from the analysis: Society; Economy; Environment; Health, Social Care, and Well-being; Political engagement; and Digital technology. The report also highlights two cross-cutting issues – inequalities and the future of work – which emerged strongly from the analysis.