Increasing diversity in public appointments through recruitment

This report has been prepared to support the Welsh Government’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for public appointments, with a focus on how recruitment strategies can be more inclusive. It addresses how ethnic minority and disabled candidates can be better supported to apply and be successful in public appointments.

Increasing diversity in public appointments is important for several reasons. Since the work of public bodies can have a significant influence on citizens’ lives, it is important that the boards of these bodies represent the people they serve and understand the issues affecting them. Diverse boards also maximise the available talent and expertise and help to avoid ‘group think’, which can happen if boards are made up only of those from similar background.

While there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to increasing diversity through recruitment practices, there are some common strategies which can support candidates from underrepresented groups.

Any approach taken will need to be cognisant of how inequalities intersect, and specific strategies based on the (multiple) inequalities individuals may face may be required to attract and appoint those from underrepresented groups.