Achieving a prosperous economy: insights from other nations and regions

This report summarises the evidence from approaches that have improved economic performance in a selection of areas in the UK and Europe.

Identifying areas comparable with Wales can be problematic, as it is neither possible nor practical to find exact matches in terms of economic histories or trajectories. Nonetheless, we believe that looking at other places can provide some insights that may be useful in Wales.

This report first provides some context, highlighting key aspects of the Welsh economy, followed by a summary of the lessons drawn from previous work. It then outlines lessons and examples from our selection of regions and cities addressing three key attributes of the economy, namely: i) productivity; ii) innovation; and iii) skills and job progression.

The examples presented in this note highlight the need for more research on some issues that are particularly relevant to Wales, including how to balance local community priorities with national economic challenges, and how to improve skills.