Race equality rapid evidence review

Project status Active

The Welsh Government has made a commitment to publish a Race Equality Action Plan designed to tackle structural racial and ethnic inequalities in Wales. The Deputy Minister and Chief Whip asked the Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) to undertake evidence reviews to inform the development of the Action Plan across six key policy areas: leadership and representationhealth and social care, employment and incomeeducation, housing and accommodationand crime and justice.

The six policy areas were selected in consultation with Welsh Government officials, academic experts and the Race Equality Action Plan Steering Group. A small number of policy areas were selected to ensure the research focused on key areas of priority, that would likely have the greatest impact on the lives of Black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals in Wales.

The evidence gathering involved a rapid review of existing research, official inquiries and reports which have gathered evidence on the experience of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in Wales and the rest of the UK. Working primarily with experts from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, the WCPP assessed and synthesised the best available evidence to provide a summary of recommendations for action across each of the six policy areas.

We also convened a roundtable attended by Welsh Government officials and eighteen academic and practice-based experts, and attended a series of Welsh Government-organised ‘policy deep dive’ sessions to discuss findings in each policy area with a range of officials, stakeholders, community organisations, and people with lived experience.

In addition to the evidence reviews on these six topics, the WCPP has produced a report summarising the cross-cutting themes and overarching messages highlighted by our research. The summary report also recommends principles that can help ensure effective implementation of the actions contained in the Race Equality Action Plan.