Post-Brexit migration and Wales

Project status Active

The UK Government plans to end free movement of people to the UK from EU countries and the proposed Immigration Bill will have significant implications for Wales’ economy, society and population.

The WCPP has been exploring the likely impacts of post-Brexit migration policies on Wales to identify a range of ways in which the Welsh Government could seek to respond to the challenges and maximise the opportunities that the new migration rules will present.

We have worked with two leading experts in the field, Dr Eve Hepburn, a former Academic Fellow in the Scottish Parliament, and Professor David Bell from Stirling University’s Centre for Population Change.

Our report uses data from the latest ONS Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings to model the impact on the UK Government’s proposed salary threshold of £25,600 for the ‘Tier 2’ route. Along with the analysis findings, our report also outlines the risks associated with the planned migration changes. Responding to this, suggestions on what needs should be focused on in efforts to influence UK Government policies and negotiations with the EU, and the ways in which Welsh Ministers might use its devolved powers directly to try to mitigate some of the risks associated with the UK Government’s proposals.