Modelling carbon emissions in Wales

Project status Active

The combination of increasing global demand for energy and strict carbon emissions targets have made the decision-making process around acquiring and using energy  complex. In the context of the Net Zero by 2050 commitment, the UK and devolved governments are interested in understanding the emissions implications of policy decisions and the interrelationships between them.

WCPP has been asked to support the Welsh Government to develop an approach to capture the carbon impact of policy decisions, including an assessment of how examples of good practice can be built upon through dialogue with academic experts. The Welsh Government are particularly keen to understand how measures to model or account for emissions across Government can increase awareness of the carbon impact of policy decisions.

To ensure that our work is connected to policymaking from the beginning, we are focusing our approach on a pilot sector, housing, buildings and infrastructure. Experts will be commissioned by the WCPP to lead an evidence review focusing on the following questions:

  1. What sectoral models exist and how can they inform policy options and awareness of the need to reduce emissions? How consistent are different models or approaches with each other, and what is the extent of any overlap?
  2. What tools are available to capture the projected carbon emissions from smaller-scale policy decisions? How have these been used in other governments, nations and in private industry?
  3. How can the results of sectoral or policy-based models be used to inform the broader Net Zero target? What options are available to formulate a coherent and integrated approach across government?

Our work will consider these questions with a view to how they impact on policymaking and practice, supporting decarbonisation targets.