Gender Equality in Wales

Project status Active

Ministers have asked the Wales Centre for Public Policy to conduct three pieces of work that provide independent evidence and expertise to inform the Gender Equality Review (GER), commissioned by the then First Minister in 2018:

  • An international review of gender equality policies and practices;
  • An expert workshop to explore what Wales can learn about gender equality policies and practice from Nordic countries; and
  • An evidence review of effective approaches to gender budgeting.

We published our international review of gender equality policies and practices in 2018 (Parken, 2018). This identified Nordic countries as leading the way in implementing policies intended to promote gender equality.

In light of this, ministers asked the Centre to facilitate an event that would enable Welsh Government officials to discuss these approaches with leading academic experts and senior policy makers from Nordic countries.

The report on gender budgeting has been conducted by Angela O’Hagan and Emanuella Laue Christensen at Glasgow Caledonian University. It synthesises evidence on gender budgeting from a range of international experiences at different levels of government.

You can listen to our podcast on gender equality here: PEP Talk Episode 3 – Gender Equality