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Publications 29 February 2016
Promoting Emotional Health, Well-being and Resilience in Primary Schools
What works in building emotional resilience of children in Welsh primary schools?
Publications 7 February 2016
Increasing Understanding and Uptake of Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment in Wales
What measures can be taken to increase the understanding and uptake of Advance Decisions in Wales?
Publications 4 November 2015
The Care Home Market in Wales: Mapping the Sector
This report by the Public Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW) provides advice on the resilience of the Care Home Sector in Wales. We worked with...
Publications 2 November 2015
Provision for Young Care Leavers at Risk of Homelessness
What provision is there for young care leavers at risk of becoming homeless in Wales?
Publications 19 October 2015
Measuring Progress on Well-being: The Development of National Indicators
This report from the Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW) provides advice to the Welsh Government on the development of a set of National Indicators to...
Publications 5 August 2015
International Experience of Conditional Entitlement to Healthcare
The Welsh NHS is facing unprecedented financial pressures and difficult decisions have to be made about how to allocate and use healthcare resources. The aim...
Publications 6 June 2015
International Experience of Prioritisation of Elective Surgery
Given the unprecedented financial pressures on the National Health Service in Wales, difficult decisions have to be made about how to allocate and use resources....