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News Articles 17 April 2024
Barriers and opportunities to Wales reaching net zero
WCPP’s final evidence papers for the WNZ 2035 Challenge Group show that Wales is behind its current 2050 net zero ambitions in transport and residential buildings
News Articles 25 July 2023
Food for thought
How could Wales feed itself in 2035? The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) has published its response to the Wales Net Zero 2035 Group’s first...
News Articles 27 April 2023
WCPP to support Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group
The Wales Centre for Public Policy will support the work of the new Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group, bringing together evidence and expertise to explore...
Publications 13 January 2023
Housing stock energy modelling: Towards a model for Wales
The combination of increasing global demand for energy and strict carbon emissions targets have made the decision-making process around acquiring and using energy complex. In...
Publications 6 December 2022
International approaches to a Just Transition
The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) was commissioned by the Welsh Government to conduct a review of international approaches to a just transition to...
Publications 21 September 2022
Decarbonisation and the Welsh economy
Fundamental questions need to be asked and choices need to be made about the future of Welsh society and the economy. For instance, should Wales...
Publications 31 August 2022
Developing skills for a just transition
The transition to a low-carbon economy in Wales will affect workers and communities, particularly those with links to carbon-intensive industries. There is evidence that net-zero...
past event
Decarbonising the Welsh economy
18 January 2023
How will Wales in 2050 differ from the Wales of today?   Watch the live stream-   Following the Welsh Government’s pledge to meet net...