Blueprint for Welsh policy commissions supplied by new expert report

A new report by the Wales Centre for Public Policy brings together evidence and expert perspectives to set out a best practice approach for future policy commissions.

Commissions and their role in public policy analyses how to get the foundations of a commission right, the different approaches to gathering evidence, and managing the politics to ensure the best possible policy impact.

The report draws on both the insights of previous commission leaders, gathered in a private roundtable discussion, and relevant academic research.

It was compiled to inform the current Commission on Justice in Wales, chaired by Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, as well as all future Welsh policy commissions.

Dr Craig Johnson, a Research Associate at the Wales Centre for Public Policy, said:

“As a tool for considering ideas, providing expert advice and facilitating compromise, policy commissions are an integral part of a functioning democracy.

“However, it is very easy for commissions to lack focus, become too broad and fail to have a meaningful impact on policy in the long term.

“Our report demonstrates the importance of getting the basics right, collecting evidence in an appropriate way, and framing recommendations to ensure they are not carved up and wrongly interpreted.”

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