What Works to Improve Community Resilience and Wellbeing?

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Date 22 February 2018

On the 22nd February we held an event with Public Service Board (PSB) representatives to explore how the Centre can help provide evidence to support public services and PSBs.

We also wanted to provide participants with some food for thought on two themes that all PSBs all seem to be focused on, to varying degrees: community resilience and community well-being.

Wellbeing and Communities: What is individual and community wellbeing and how can we measure and improve it?

Ingrid Abreu Sherer (Programme Manager at the What Works Centre for Wellbeing) discusses what wellbeing is, how individual wellbeing translates into community wellbeing and what PSBs can do to help improve community wellbeing.

Community Resilience – What does resilience mean and how does it affect how organisations work with people and communities?

Dr Adrian Healy (School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University) reflects on the concept of resilience and explores the implications for the ways in which public services work with communities, drawing on his experience of working in Wales, and around the world.