Future of Work in Wales

Location Committee Rooms Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University
Date 1 November 2017

On Wednesday 1st November 2017 we were delighted to host an event to launch our report – The Future of Work in Wales.

The event was sponsored by the (then) First Minister of Wales, The Right Honourable Carwyn Jones AM, who gave the opening address.


Our expert speakers included:

Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and author of ‘Good Work: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices’ commissioned by the Prime Minister, who talked about the RSA’s programme on Future Work:


Stijn Broecke, Senior Economist in Employment, Labour and Social Affairs at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), who talked about the OECD’s programme of research into the future of work:


The event also featured a panel discussion in which our experts focused on key areas surrounding the future of work. These included:

  • Matthew Taylor – on organisation, digital badges, and individual learning accounts
  • Stijn Broecke – on skills utilisation and job matching, digital badges, and individual learning accounts
  • Mair Bell (WCPP) and Stijn Broecke – on skills utilisation and job matching
  • Dr Alison Parken (WCPP) – on occupational gender segregation and public sector workforces
  • Professor Anne Green (University of Nottingham) – on job progression and lifelong learning
  • Professor Calvin Jones (Cardiff Business School) – on the Welsh context, education, and career development


You can also enjoy our Twitter moment from the event here: