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Sylwebaeth 1 Tachwedd 2017
Prif Weinidog yn Agor Digwyddiad Dyfodol Gwaith yng Nghymru
Gwnaeth Prif Weinidog Cymru, y Gwir Anrhydeddus Carwyn Jones AC, y sylwadau agoriadol yn ystod Dyfodol Gwaith yng Nghymru, sef digwyddiad cyntaf Canolfan Polisi Cyhoeddus...
Sylwebaeth 6 Ebrill 2017
Brexit and Wales: Understanding the Reasons Behind the Welsh Vote
On Thursday 30th March, 2017, the PPIW and Knowledge and Analytical Services welcomed colleagues to an evidence symposium which aimed to understand the reasons behind the...
Sylwebaeth 23 Mawrth 2017
How Wales is Understood in the UK is a Problem
It was recently announced that a new BBC TV channel will broadcast in Scotland from 2018. It will have a budget of £30m, roughly equivalent to...
Sylwebaeth 28 Gorffennaf 2016
What will Brexit mean for Wales?
On 23 June, the UK voted to leave the European Union. The process for leaving and the implications for Wales are uncertain, but broadly speaking there...
Sylwebaeth 21 Gorffennaf 2016
Tackling Rural Poverty – Identifying the Causes
On a visit to Beijing in 2015 I met the Chinese Vice-Minister for Rural Development. A jovial man, who looked back fondly on the two years...
Sylwebaeth 19 Gorffennaf 2016
Rethinking Food Policy as Public Policy in Wales – Now Needed More Than Ever with ‘Brexeat’?
It's hard to focus after a political earthquake. The vote to leave the European Union is a political earthquake of the highest magnitude. We are...
Sylwebaeth 24 Mawrth 2016
Why We Need Evidence on Poverty
Poverty is a long-standing and apparently intractable problem in Wales. Around 23% of population, some 700,000 people, live on household incomes of less than 60% of the median....